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A visually impaired student touching and feeling different objects and figures in a braille visual dictionary book

We offer a diverse collection of tactile picture braille books catering to all age groups and abilities. The range starts from early learner books such as Hindi and English alphabet and Number series,Basic Lines & Shapes, Visual Dictionary Sets, and Learning Opposites to advanced learner books such as Basic Maths, Geometry, Storybooks, and so on. 


Beyond Braille brings another perspective to their visual material in the form of Tactile Braille World Maps and Tactile India Maps. These maps could be customized as per the bulk requirements if needed. 

India map and world map by Beyond Braille
Different types of tactile pun braille greeting cards by beyond braille

Our customized tactile braille picture materials and resources like Menu Cards, Manuals, Greetings, Packaging, and Calendars make the products and services more accessible and inclusive for the visually impaired community.

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