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A Better Read

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Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated!

To make an offline donation toward this cause, follow these steps:
Kindly GPAY or PAYTM us the amount on +91 81414 11879.

Donation Total: 1,000.00₹

A Better Read is a valuable initiative of Beyond Braille where picture books bring tremendous benefits to the visually impaired community developing their reading skills. 

Do you remember the picture books that first brought you joy? The ones that were read to you before you could read, or the ones that sparked your imagination for the first time? When you think about these tactile braille picture books what do you sense?

Beyond Braille works to ensure that every visually impaired get access to quality education, but also enables them to complete schooling with dignity. The imagery in a picture braille books brings the pages to life, serving as a visual roadmap for the children. Illustrations shown alongside braille text offers invaluable tools to help build understanding, fluency, vocabulary and other foundational literacy skills. 

How can you make an impact?

Beyond Braille is a for profit based social enterprise providing support to visually impaired community. But with every contribution you make, we ensure that the whole amount is spent on the materials and resources after deducting the expenses. 

Join us in providing the visually impaired with the opportunity to re-write their destinies.

To support the cause, we would urge you to use hashtags #abetterread and #beyondbraille.

Kindly note, if any government schools are closed due to the government guidelines, we will resume the support as early as possible.

Social Perks

With every contribution you make, it would be our immense pleasure to offer you with some social perks.

  1. Personalised Digital Certificate.
  2. BB Supporters Badge.
  3. Recognition on Gratitude Wall.
  4. Personalised Surprise Gift.

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A picture book is a gift that you can open again and again. — Garrison Keillor
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