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Tactile Picture Braille Books

We offer tactile picture braille books, materials, and resources supported by braille script, making it accessible and inclusive for the visually impaired community, thereby going one step beyond braille. 

Patent Certified Innovative Concept

Our idea of illustrated tactile picture books is an exclusive patent-protected innovation concept designed for the visually impaired community. 

Contemplated Designs

With every resource we create for the visually impaired community, the designs are conceptualized considering their tactile understanding. 

Supports Inclusivity

We encourage the concept of oneness, and with our books support all languages, colors, braille, and scripts as per the requirement, taking a step further towards inclusion.

A visually impaired student getting excited after reading his first tactile picture braille book by beyond braille

A Patent-Certified
Product Series

About Us

Their world needs more than just Braille.

Beyond Braille is one-of-a-kind tactile picture series designed for the visually impaired community. This series comes as breakthrough research to explore pictures like never before.

These tactile picture braille books and resources include storybooks, menu cards, manuals, maps, greetings, packaging, signage, calendars, and everything visual. The designs are contemplated for the visually impaired, be it any age or level of ability.  

Our Story

How can we make the act of reading pictures more interesting to the visually impaired and spark a love for reading that would last a lifetime?

In the News

We’re honoured and humbled to be the recipient of awards, recognitions and media news coverage like Times of India, NITI Aayog, UN India, and so on.

Our Services

We offer a diverse collection of tactile braille materials and resources ranging from picture books, maps, cards, manuals, packaging to everything visual.

What Parents Say About Our Products

We continually experiment and empathize with our customers. With every feedback the customer gives, we understand, improve and offer better products and services. 

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